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Outdoor Activities in the heart of Tuscany!

Trekking is a different way of exploring the territory that surrounds you. Together we will discover the lesser-known corners, the curiosities and the history of this corner of Tuscany, perhaps less known, but which will surprise you with its beauty; at a slow pace we will try to live a unique experience, leaving time to fill the eyes with beautiful landscapes, listen to the sounds of nature, breathe in the many scents: a different experience, always engaging, every season.

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Unique experiences

Unknown Volterra

A journey outside the tourist routes, in search of small historical curiosities and local life. It’s different way to get in tune with the territory, learning to know and appreciate its history and natural peculiarities.

A real journey through time, we will see Etruscan necropolis, the remains of ancient Roman ruins, the imposing medieval walls, churches, ancient palaces, ancient sources, the Medici fortress … .. all surrounded by a harsh and magnificent nature that made unique this corner of

Discovering secret Gambassi

A wonderful excursion to discover the territory of Gambassi Terme, rich in history and nature. We will start by walking along part of an ancient and famous medieval route, the Francigena, like old pilgrims. Then we will plunge into the thick of the vegetation and fording the streams we will make the discovery of hypothermal sources, always frequented by the local population for the allegedly curative effects. Accompanied by the unmistakable smell of sulfur, typical of these sulphurous waters, and by the noises of nature alone, meeting the ruins of ancient mills and medieval furnaces, we will go in search of the traces of one of the last hermits who found solace in the ravines and ravines that characterize this fascinating part of the territory. As new explorers we will discover waterfalls, remains of statues and everyday life of a man whose history cannot fail to fascinate. An excursion that will leave you without words!

Walking in nature and history

We will learn about the nature and history of Iano, the Palagio and their suggestive territories that in the Middle Ages were the scene of bloody battles. We will climb to the Stone and to the Sanctuary of the Pietrina, in search of the remains of their castles, made impregnable by the steep walls of the Masso del Becco, yesterday a natural defense against enemy attacks and today a climbing school. We will descend into the magical atmosphere of the Panera Rossa, surrounded by lush vegetation and accompanied by the relaxing flow of water.

A pleasant walk among the magic of uncontaminated nature, breathtaking landscapes and deeply rooted historical testimonies that will bring adults and children to live an enchanting and mystical experience.

Castelvecchio: a medieval ghost-town

Castelvecchio is an abandoned medieval village, with its church, its towers, its dwellings, its mills … visiting it is like being catapulted into a distant time … but not only, we will also dive into the fortresses that have defended it over the centuries and through an unprecedented journey, we will discover a beautiful and unusual nature, characterized by beeches, badgers, mountain maple … a unique adventure a stone’s throw from San Gimignano!

The reserve of Montenero

An Excursion in the fantastic area of ​​the Montenero Nature Reserve, rich in historical and landscape features, to discover the local flora and fauna. We will walk around the ring around Monte Nero, visiting the remains of the ancient parish church of San Giovanni Battista alla Nera (XI century) and the ancient Castello della Nera (X century), the subject of ancient disputes. We will deepen the naturalistic aspects, admiring the panorama from the imposing and wild Devil’s Tooth and discovering the suggestive volcanic rocks, deeply engraved and shaped by the Strolla stream, so as to create a narrow valley characterized by rugged cliffs and picturesque waterfalls.

The Sentierelsa

The Sentierelsa is a historical-naturalistic path that allows you to skirt the Elsa river and cross it on several occasions through outcropping boulders. The river that gave its name to a very important valley, always passing of goods and pilgrims. The river even mentioned by Boccaccio and Dante. It’s a river that has given so much to the local population, but has also taken away from it …… Along the route, there are many types of plants, remains of ancient hydraulic constructions and water jumps with a magnificent waterfall, fifteen meters high, which flows into a deep pool of clear water. A real adventure, an opportunity to become children again. During this course there is the risk of getting wet.

Outdoor Activities in Diacceroni

Trail Running

Time: 7.30 – 8.30

Running in a natural environment, not necessarily on marked trails, with long lengths and often with high incline.

In the early morning, enjoy an hour long run completely immersed in nature, along the hills surrounding Diacceroni, with the view of Volterra in the distance. You decide the pace based on your level and preferences. Discover challenging courses and big hills or run at a more intermediate level on the trails.


Time: 9.30 – 10.30

Fast walking with particular attention to breathing, foot support, arm movement and general body posture. In other words it is “the art of walking”, a simple technique for transforming normal walking into a sport that’s suitable for everyone.

In the early morning, enjoy an hour of fit walking  open to all those who prefer not to run but have their own psycho-fiscal welfare at heart and want to discover and get in tune with the surrounding nature and territory. You decide the pace based on your level and preferences.

Orienteering for children

Time: 11.30 – 13.00

A discipline born in Scandinavian countries and consists of carrying out a predefined route characterized by control points called “lanterns”, with the exclusive help of a detailed topographic map and a compass. Through fun games and challenges, we teach children to orient themselves in nature, a lifelong skill.

We propose a small circuit where participants depart on various recreational orienteering excursions. It is an activity designed for children but fun and useful for adults, too.

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