Children’s activities

We have organised activities for children as well which allow them to explore nature whilst having fun, with workshops on herbs and expeditions around the estate to visit the animals*.

They can also enjoy cooking and preparing snacks to eat together! This is a way to teach even the smallest children about our wonderful agriturismo.

These activities are for all children from 3 – 12 years old.

* weather permitting

Price​ ​of​ ​each​ ​course:​ ​€​ ​15​ ​per​ ​child

Age: Under 12 years

Minimum number of participants: 3 children. Book with the attached form.
Duration: around 1 hour.

For further information write us an email at:

Our activities


Herbal Workshops

During the workshop our educators accompany children on a sensory journey which starts in the garden and continues with a walk around the farm, where they can explore the nature that surrounds them and become familiar with aromatic and medicinal herbs. The children can observe the plants, touch them, and crush them to release their perfume, learn their taste and smell as well as their botanical characteristics.

After picking the various herbs there will be a workshop on the medicinal properties of these plants. This workshop allows children to further explore this world, which was once common knowledge in Tuscany but now is known only to enthusiasts. We will prepare aromatic soaps and oils that everyone can take home with them as a reminder of the experience!


Creative cooking for young chefs

In this workshop children can express their creativity with small dishes to be enjoyed as a snack with mom and dad! In these workshops children will knead dough, weigh, touch, mix, taste and learn about lots of different ingredients, making artistic sweet and savoury dishes with the fruits and vegetables from our vegetable garden.

Prices are intended per person; increase the item amount if you want to purchase the experience for several days and / or if you are in the company.


Walks on the estate

Diacceroni is a paradise for animals, a real natural oasis surrounded by lakes, forest and rolling hills where many wild animals live including, roe deer, hares, falcons, squirrels, badgers and many others!

Every Friday morning we will go for a walk with the children to explore the nature around us and we will visit the farm animals such as pigs, horses, donkeys, cows and chickens. The objective is to teach the children about the farming life and the various parts of the farm: the fields and their crops, the life of the animals, the transformation of products and the organic vegetable garden, trying to transmit the importance of a healthy diet and respect for mother earth, the environment and all living things.

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