Children’s activities

Unforgettable experiences in the heart of Tuscany

Agriturismo Diacceroni offers your children holidays close to nature where they can breathe the fresh air of our enchanting hills.

Here they can discover the value of playing outdoors, the importance of traditions and the authentic emotions arising from true simplicity.

Discover the activities we have created for children such as exciting pony rides and horse-riding lessons, the sweet and creative cooking courses, the fragrant herbal laboratories, the exploration while hunting for precious truffles, the secrets of honey, our playgrounds and our swimming pools deepening gradually!

Horse Riding Experiences

At our riding school we organize guided walks on our sweet ponies and horse-riding lessons, allowing your little ones to live an unforgettable experience and take care of our kind animals, getting to know them and together with our staff even brushing them!

Experiences in the kitchen

At our restaurant we organize cooking classes for children where they can have some fun using flour and other ingredients to prepare a sweet snack which they can enjoy at the end of the activity and then proudly take some home with them!

Outdoor Experiences

In the boundless countryside surrounding Diacceroni, we organize herbal workshops for your children where they can collect and learn about our fragrant and aromatic herbs, or they can become brave explorers during a hunt for our precious truffles, and then also discover firsthand the secrets of honey.


In each facility we offer equipped outdoor playgrounds, and swimming pools with gradual depth to ensure refreshing entertainment also for the little ones. You will also find barbecues and of course the unforgettable view over our Tuscan hills at each of our facilities!

Our activities

Herbal Laboratory

Classification of aromatic herbs picked in the environment of Organic Agriturismo Diacceroni accompanied by our assistants and preparation of aromatic oil to bring home.


 22 €


Tuesday at 15.30 hours


1 hour

In the herbal laboratory the children experience a sensory experience, which starts by picking the aromatic herbs in the environment of Organic Agriturismo Diacceroni accompanied by our assistants. Thereafter the picked herbs will be classified in a small personal notebook, which the children also enjoy to decorate. At the end of this activity the children will make an aromatic oil which they can bring home together with their notebook.

During this herb lesson, which will be spoken in Italian and English, the children get to know our assistants who will guide them during the laboratory and tell them charateristics about the picked herbs and how to use them according to our tradition.

At the arrival at Organic Agriturismo Diacceroni the children will be welcomed by our assistants and they will provide them a small basket to put the picked herbs in. During this activity your children will learn to recognize the plants and can describe them in their small personal notebook. At the end of this herb lesson the children will make aromatic oil and can bring this home together with their notebook as a nice memory to this pleasant experience.

This experience depends on the weatherconditions.

Creative cooking for little chefs

Preparation of filled cake and biscuits made of shortcrust pastry, with a little snack.


 22 €


Thusrday at 15.30 hours


1 hour

The creative cooking lesson for the little chefs will guide your children by preparing shortcrust pastry, which will be used in making a filled cake and some nice biscuits, who will be garnished with colourfull sugar decorations. During this experience we will serve a piece of cake as a little snack. Thereafter the children can bring their selfmade biscuits home.

During the lesson, which will be spoken in Italian and English, the children will known our assistants, who will embrace them as a member of our big family and they will guide them during this experience.

At the arrival at Organic Agriturismo Diacceroni our assistants will accompany the children to their working spot, equipped with the ingredients for the preparation of the cake and the biscuits. During the course the children prepare the shortcrust pastry: togheter with us they impaste the pastry, prepare the cake and will have fun making the filling which they prefer. Thereafter they can use our nice shapes for the preparation of the bsicuits and after that they can garnish them with colourful sugar decorations.

At the end of this experience the children can enjoy a little snack like the cake that comes just right out of the oven and after that they go home with their selfmade biscuits.

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