Weekly Program

Let yourself be amazed by the warmth of our large family

Come and experience the warmth of our welcome at Diacceroni Agriturismo. Appreciate true Tuscan hospitality through the many activities that we organize from April to October.

Share pleasant and memorable experiences with us, get to know our staff and let yourself be enveloped by the affectionate embrace of our large family.

Activities may undergo changes based on the season and availability.


Afternoon: “Welcome Party”


Morning: “Introduction to the horses and ponies”


Afternoon: “Wine tasting” and “Pizza Party”


Afternoon: “Cooking Show” and “Pasta Party”

Welcome Party

Let yourself be pampered by our loving hospitality

Experience the welcome party at Agriturismo Diacceroni in a magical, timeless atmosphere surrounded by the embrace of the hills of Volterra.

Enjoy the warmth of our hospitality and savor the traditional Tuscan dishes included in our rich buffet. The party is a great opportunity to get to know our property and staff while enjoying the company of other guests.

Treat yourself to a fun dinner while enjoying sweet notes of live music and the views that make our land a place of incredible charm.

*For guests staying less than one week, a contribution of € 20 per person is required (excluding drinks).

Introduction to the horses and ponies

The wonders of Tuscany on horseback

Our instructors will be happy to offer you an exciting introduction to horses and ponies in the equipped riding school at the Diacceroni farmhouse, immersed quietly in the most authentic Tuscan setting.

It will be the perfect opportunity to discover the fascinating world of horseback riding: the characteristics of the different breeds, how our horses are cared for and the different styles of riding.

At the end of the introduction, the doors of our sand arena will open where adults can enjoy a free ride on horseback while children will have fun riding our sweet ponies.

Don’t miss the opportunity to become familiar with this wonderful animal, and don’t forget to book lessons in the arena to have more fun with us!

Open air activities

Experience a connection with nature

Immersed in the heart of Tuscany among untouched nature, enjoy the benefits of outdoor activities.

Our environmental guide will accompany you to discover the hidden corners of the Tuscan countryside, where you can breathe the authentic aroma of the history and magic of our land.

During trail running and fit walking you can exercise while surrounded by the wonderful colors of the rolling hills, the fields of golden wheat and the lush vineyards that surround Diacceroni Agriturismo.

Even children will have fun getting lost and finding each other during the orienteering activity, where they can gain understanding of the surroundings while playing with us!

Wine Tasting

Savor the essence of Tuscan wine

Wrapped in the embrace of untouched nature, among the intertwining vineyards that embroider the rolling Tuscan hills, get ready to savor a symbolic product of our territory, wine.

At the Diacceroni farmhouse, the oenologist Alfredo Tocchini will guide you on a journey to discover the wine making traditions of Tuscany with an in-depth look at the wines from our farm.

During the wine tasting, you will get to know the fundamentals of wine-making processes and learn to evaluate the smell and color of wine while tasting our labels.

From a wide selection including Chianti Classico, Vernaccia, Sangiovese, and Vermentino, you can choose to purchase bottles to bring home the authentic taste of Tuscany.

Pizza Party

The unique taste of our tradition

At the Diacceroni farm, Tuesdays taste like homemade pizza. Enjoy a party with other guests while experiencing the true hospitality and warmth of our large family.

Let yourself be captivated by the intoxicating scent of pizza cooked in our wood oven, and take advantage of our rich buffet to pleasantly discover and savor traditional Tuscan cuisine.

Accompanied by the sweet notes of live music, have a fun dinner with us and enjoy the breathtaking view over the rolling hills of Volterra.

*For guests staying less than one week, a contribution of € 20 per person is required (excluding drinks).

Yoga lessons

Regenerate yourself in the tranquility of nature

Surrounded by the silence and stillness of untouched nature, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, relax during our yoga classes.

Discover the serenity that rests in the hills of Volterra, let the song of birds and the cool caress of the wind welcome a day in which well-being and balance are at the center of your thoughts.

In the tranquility of the countryside that surrounds Agriturismo Diacceroni, our instructor will guide you on a physical, mental and spiritual path that creates harmony between the body, soul and mind.

Cooking Show

The spectacle of Tuscan cuisine

Sit back and prepare to witness a fascinating live cooking experience. At the Diacceroni farmhouse you can appreciate the preparation of dishes that mark the gastronomic tradition of our fantastic land.

Each step, described and illustrated in detail, tells the story of traditional Tuscan cuisine made with organic and genuine products from our farm.

From fresh filled pasta to gnocchi, let yourself be surprised by the skills of our chefs. They will share their tricks and secrets with you, handed down for generations to make the best of our recipes which you will be able to replicate at home.

Pasta Party

Discover the flavors of our land

Enjoy an authentic experience with the flavors of traditional Tuscan cuisine, and discover the unique taste of fresh pasta in the beautiful setting offered at Agriturismo Diacceroni.

Take advantage of the opportunity to discover all of the secrets of the symbolic dishes of our land. The rich dinner buffet of typical Tuscan dishes includes authentic homemade pasta, made with organic wheat flour from our farm.

It will also be a fun occasion for your children, who will be able to exchange a floured smile while kneading dough with us.

Let yourself be swayed by the sparkling notes of live music while dancing and enjoying a pleasant evening with us in the heart of the most authentic Tuscany.

*For guests staying less than one week, a contribution of € 20 per person is required (excluding drinks).

* Weekly events are free for stays of at least 7 nights. For shorter stays there is a contribution of € 20 per person, excluding drinks for each party (welcome party, pizza party and pasta party).