Restaurant “La Cantina”

We invite you to eat with us on our large terrace overlooking the Volterra hills. Enjoy our homecooking, using traditional methods and ingredients grown here on the farm.

Tastings and Dinners

We are pleased to be able to offer real Tuscan cuisine and traditional countryside fare with tastings of local produce and dinners. Our guests will discover our delicious pizzas, crusty breads and cakes, all baked in a traditional wood oven.

“Mens sana in corpore sano” is our motto to which we aspire when preparing our food. Only a high quality diet, with produce sourced from sustainable farming methods, can guarantee physical and psychological well being.

Upholding this philosophy all our dishes are prepared with the utmost care. The ingredients are carefully selected and sourced locally from non-intensive “environmentally friendly” systems directly from the local farmers. The majority of the main ingredients such as the vegetables, wine, and olive oil are guaranteed as such as we produce them ourselves on the farm.

We make sure that the food and wine we serve is a memorable sensory experience with great emphasis on respect for the environment in order to live well in the present and to create a better future for ourselves and generations to come.

We highly recommend our homemade pizzas, crusty bread and focaccia baked in the wood burning oven. We​ ​also​ ​organize​ ​cooking​ ​lessons!

The Diacceroni farm produces:

  • Excellent quality organic extra virgin olive oil, an indispensable ingredient in Italian cooking. The farm cultivates a variety of olives including Leccino and Moraiolo which are carefully tended to throughout the year to ensure a quality harvest.
    The olives are picked by hand from October to November.
  • Fine quality wine​, produced by our family with enthusiastic dedication and hard work is available for sale directly on the farm.
  • Honey,​ a completely natural organic product, rich in simple sugars, is rendered highly nutritious by the industriousness of the bees. The hives on the farm are close to flowering plants such as: lucerne, acacia, chestnut, sunflowers and wildflowers so that we are able to produce a variety of aromatic honey from a single flower or delicious blends. The honey is harvested from April to September.
  • Jams we are very proud of our high quality and often personalised jams, home made on the premises from freshly picked fruit to capture the flavour of the season.
  • Our cheeses are produced from the milk of a small herd of cows kept on the farm which our guests are welcome to visit. The cows produce low fat milk used to make ricotta cheese and a variety of fresh cheeses. These cheeses are ideally served with honey or jam or with our own cold pressed extra virgin olive oil and aromatic herbs accompanied by a fine glass (or 2) of our red wine.
  • Our Vegetables are organically and lovingly grown on the farm and we are very pleased to be able to offer and serve our guests freshly picked, extremely delicious seasonal vegetables!