Slide 2 Many people talk about Tuscan food
and few experience it, but here you
can taste it personally.
Diacceroni lifestyle
Slide 2 The apartments and the rooms of the
B & B have a simple and rustic decor,
reminiscent of the farming culture
The apartments
Slide 2 At our table enjoy the delicate tastes and
perfumes of traditional farm cooking.
The restaurant
Slide 2 With our weekly program of events,
animation, walking tours and yoga,
one is never bored at Diacceroni!
Weekly program
Slide 2 Lessons and trail rides
in the splendid Tuscan countryside.
The Riding Stables

Welcome to

Diacceroni – Tuscany Agriturismo

Ideal harmony with the Tuscan tradition

Let us guide you to discover pure Tuscan nature tucked into the sweet rolling hills of Volterra.

Taste the tradition and authenticity of our home and enjoy the warm welcome from our Diacceroni family. We invite you to relax in our calm atmosphere and enjoy the nature that Tuscany has to offer.

Here, you will discover true Tuscany through our undeniable connection with the land, tradition and history. Our farm was born from this passion for our land and you can taste it from our wines to the extra virgin olive oil that comes from our olive trees. We try to live in perfect harmony with the land through our small scale organic production.

Our salt water pools are nestled into hills with countryside views that will take your breath away. Our restaurant also has stunning views from its terraces suspended off the hill where you can enjoy an authentic Tuscan meal while watching the sunset. Sweet notes of welcome await you at our ‘La Dolce Vita’ bar with cocktails, craft beer, snacks and gelato.

Agriturismo Diacceroni also gives you the chance to enjoy the beauty of Tuscany in unique ways through our experiences. From horseback riding to truffle hunting and bike riding, you can explore our land however you’d like.

Join us for the Tuscan holiday of your dreams!

Our Locations

Sincere and Authentic Tuscany

Immersed in the rolling hills of the Tuscan countryside, our antique farmhouses form a constellation of locations approximately 10 minutes apart driving. They are all uniquely beautiful and offer slightly different things. All designed in rustic Tuscan fashion and fit with their own saltwater pools, you can relax in the countryside without being disturbed.

Diacceroni is our main location and will surely capture your heart with its breathtaking views of the Gattero lake and Volterra. It also homes our restaurant and horse stables.

Pompilia offers a beautiful saltwater pool inside the hills and a unique view of all the fields surrounding us. It is also where our animals live, so you can pay our cows or pigs a visit!

Panieracci is a location that lives in perfect harmony with history and nature. From the donkeys and horses that live on the property to the ruins of ancient farmhouses, it will charm you right away.

Pelagaccio is home to another stunning saltwater pool – unique because it sits atop a hill and provides a perfect view of the sunset over a nearby small village.

Bed & Breakfast

The sweet pleasure of waking up in Tuscany

Let yourself be charmed by the atmosphere of our Bed and Breakfast, conveniently located at our

main Diacceroni location in our original antique farmhouse. You will feel transported back in time by the original terra cotta floors and wooden beams, while enjoying modern amenities. All of our rooms are quiet and rustic with the convenience of being close to the horse stables, restaurant, swimming pool and more.

Breathe in the Tuscan fresh air in the morning when you go to enjoy our famous international breakfast where you can enjoy homemade sweets and eggs made to order. Our quality ingredients will let you discover Tuscan tradition.

Enjoy our saltwater pool with a breathtaking view of the countryside and Gattero lake or a perfect vision of the medieval city of Volterra.

Come and visit us in the heart of Tuscany!


Enjoy the loving embrace of nature in modern comfort

Diacceroni Glamping allows you to spend your holiday in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature. Suspended over the charming hilly valley of Diacceroni and Volterra, our tents will let you enjoy camping with modern comforts.

From relaxing on your private terrace or soaking up the sun at the nearby saltwater pool, we are sure that you will come back year after year!

During the evening, the breathtaking terraces of our restaurant will let you enjoy local Tuscan food like never before, expressing our true authenticity.

Enter into the world of Tuscany through our experiences at nearby Diacceroni, from horseback riding to bike riding and cooking classes.

Villa Dependance Diacceroni

A precious jewel in Tuscany

Surrounded by the magic of Tuscany, our villa is a true gem nestled into the Tuscan hills. Our new villa is elegant and refined with touches of classic Tuscan style like stone arches and wooden beams. 

You will be immediately charmed by the 5 beautiful rooms, each with their own private bathroom and 2 with jacuzzi tubs.

The villa offers privacy and luxury, with a large garden with space to relax and outdoor cooking area to the private saltwater infinity pool.

Enjoy the restaurant at nearby Diacceroni to complete your luxurious vacation with authentic Tuscan food. Or enter into the world of Tuscany through our experiences at nearby Diacceroni, from horseback riding to wine tasting and cooking classes.

Horseback Riding

Explore our lands in the most authentic way

Our horse stables offer various ways to enjoy the Tuscan countryside on horseback – from trail riding through sunflower and wheat fields and rolling hills or lessons in our modern and well lit arena, allowing you to even ride in the evening.

For the smaller children 4 years old and above, we welcome them to enjoy a ride on one of our sweet ponies, so they can enjoy nature too! For the safety of your family, children under 14 cannot ride outside the arena.

La Cantina Restaurant

Taste authentic Tuscan tradition

Our restaurant will leave you speechless, not only from the food, but also from the view! We invite you to eat with us on our large terraces with breathtaking views of Tuscan rolling hills where you can take advantage of tasty dinners and hearty breakfasts.

When we say zero km, we mean it! All of the oil used in our restaurant is our very own organic extra virgin olive oil and the fruits and vegetables are grown at Diacceroni or are from a nearby farmer.

Let yourself be blown away by the chef’s imagination and by the hospitality and friendliness of our staff.

Make yourself comfortable and get ready to be transported on a journey to discover Tuscan culinary tradition: from pizza and crispy bread cooked in a wood oven, to ribollita, panzanella, pici pasta with garlic, and much more.

The Experiences

Your connection to our traditions

The most authentic way to discover Tuscany is to experience it first hand. We offer numerous experiences to let you enjoy your holiday in the most authentic way possible.

Get your hands covered in flour at our cooking courses where you can make pasta and more and enjoy what you made for dinner. Cover your boots in mud while truffle hunting with locals and their dogs and enjoy a tasting of these treasures.

For our more adventurous guests, you can discover Tuscany while horseback riding through sunflower fields and vineyards or galloping through the hills.

Your children will enjoy our activities designed for them by getting their hands and minds immersed in nature.

Here, the experience is real and unforgettable. We can’t wait to welcome you to the Diacceroni Family!

Free Weekly Events

Become a part of the Diacceroni family

Diacceroni’s free weekly events are an integral part of our story, as we have offered them since the agriturismo was born almost 30 years ago. It is a way for families to bond with each other and other families, discover Tuscany the Diacceroni way, and enjoy our local Tuscan products.

Prepare pasta with your children at our pasta party on Thursdays  or get your hands deep in pizza dough on Tuesdays. We know you will make memories to last a lifetime every week dancing to the live music and enjoying good food with friends and family!

Saturday – “Welcome Party”
Tuesday – Pizza Party”
Thursday – Pasta Party”

Around Diacceroni

A unique experience in the heart of Tuscany

Diacceroni’s convenient location in the heart of Tuscany allows you to discover the region easily by car. We encourage you to explore our beautiful Tuscany – here are some places to consider.

Volterra is a precious medieval city known for its nobility, history and mystery. Its splendor is perfectly conserved through artifacts, monuments and locally made products like alabaster.

San Gimignano, an unforgettable sight of numerous towers competing for height will conquer your heart immediately with its beautiful views and small town charm.

Pisa is known around the world for its leaning tower, but there is so much more than that. We invite you to discover the city’s history and more.

Florence, the queen of Tuscany, should be at the top of your list of places to visit. From its art to food and history, you are sure to be in awe.

The sea of the Etruscan Coast is surrounded by bright colors and the force of the sea. Enjoy the fine sand beaches or our Diacceroni sailing excursions there!

Siena is a unique town full of culture and fierce horse races where neighborhoods battle against each other for glory. It is also surrounded by beautiful vineyards!

Lucca is a hidden gem best enjoyed on a bicycle! You will fall in love with this little ‘borgo’. Enjoy a stroll inside the city walls!

Diacceroni App

Download our free Diacceroni app and stay connected to our agriturismo! We’ll keep you up to date on daily activities and even send products directly to your apartment during your stay and easily reserve a table in our restaurant. Looking to plan your vacation for next year? Browse our activities and order products for a taste of Tuscany al year round.

Diacceroni App

Download our free Diacceroni app and stay connected to our agriturismo! We’ll keep you up to date on daily activities and even send products directly to your apartment during your stay and easily reserve a table in our restaurant. Looking to plan your vacation for next year? Browse our activities and order products for a taste of Tuscany al year round.

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For you, the products of our land

For you, the products
of our land

For over 25 years Diacceroni – Tuscany Agriturismo has produced organic products with the utmost respect for nature and human health.
Now it’s easy to have our typical Tuscan products, directly to your home.
You can buy wine online, Tuscan olive oil DOP, organic wheat pasta and delicious fruit jams made following the traditional Tuscan recipes.