Tuscany Horse Riding

The​ ​best​ ​way​ ​to​ ​discover​ ​Tuscany​ while having ​fun!

Explore Tuscany in its most authentic form – on horseback!

Agriturismo Diacceroni has a modern and equipped horse stables with a 30×60 mt lit arena. We offer riding lessons for all levels from beginner to experts as well as many different trail riding experiences where you can experience the rolling Tuscan hills on horseback.

Our international instructors are qualified to teach many techniques from dressage to jumping in several languages such as English, Italian and Dutch. For children above 4 years old, we offer pony rides around our grounds so they can experience Tuscany on horseback too! For children above 6 years old, we offer private lessons.

Please note that for the safety of your family, children under 14 cannot ride outside the arena and trail rides are available only for riders with some experience.

Horse Riding: Our Proposal

Unique Experiences

Trail Riding in the Countryside

The cost of the trail ride is 30 euro for 1 hour.

This is a fantastic opportunity to explore Tuscany in a traditional way. By riding through the hills with your horse, you will be able to experience the local flora and fauna that you could not otherwise see, from guinea fowl skittering across your path to riding through tall wildflowers buzzing with bees....

Please note that the trail riding is only available to riders who have some experience. If you have no experience, it is required to complete 30 minute lesson in order to make sure you can safely go outside the arena. The cost of this lesson is 20 euro.

Sunrise/Sunset Trail Ride

The cost of this ride is 55 euros, including drink and aperitif.

This ride is open only to riders with experience.

Another one of our favourite horse rides is the Sunset Ride. We leave as the sun is slowly starting its descent, transforming the sky into a blanket of pinks and purples....

The surrounding Tuscan countryside is transformed into a splendid and magical vision. We return to the horse riding stables with the light of the moon. Those who have already taken both the Sunrise and the Sunset trail rides are hard pushed to say which one is their favourite. Each one has its own special magic. At the end of the ride, we share a glass of wine or drink and a light dinner prepared by our chef in the restaurant.

Lonley tree hill trail

The cost is 45 euros for a 1.5 hour ride.

This ride is open only to riders with experience.

This is a unique trail which passes through a small vineyard, wildflowers and long gravel roads lined with cyprus trees. Toward the end of the ride you will come upon a beautiful hill with a lone tree where more experienced riders can gallop to the top!/p>

Tuscan River Trail Ride

The cost of the River Trail Ride is 55 euros.

This ride is open only to riders with experience.

The river trail ride is around two hours through the river D’Era. This ride is delightful, refreshing and a truly unique experience. At some points of the river the horses begin to swim which is exhilarating and fun. There are also some great gallops on this ride. The perspective from horseback on this trail ride is magnificent....

We look forward to seeing the look of delight on your face as your horse begins to swim and is completely immersed in water!

Montelopio Park Trail Ride

The cost of the Montelopio Park Trail Ride is 55 euros.

This ride is open only to riders with experience.

This trail ride is around two hours and passes through the hills adjacent to our farm and through the characteristic borgo of Montelopio, founded in 1215 and home to the knights of the Templar....

It is a circuitous route where we follow the trails of the park, experiencing both deeply wooded areas and open fields of grazing deer and wild boar. We pass back through Montelopio, where it is possible to stop for a light refreshment at the quaint little bar of this borgo.

Teatro del Silenzio Trail Ride

The cost of the Teatro del Silenzio trail ride is 75 euros.

This ride is open only to riders with experience.

This trail ride is around three hours long and takes us over the rolling hills of Tuscany surrounding Lajatico. We ride up to and inside the theatre built by the architect Andrea Bartalini rendered famous by Andrea Bocelli. Inspired by ancient Greek theatres, this theatre is built of monolithic marble stones on a high hill, surrounded by uninterrupted landscape....

The position of the theatre is dramatic and the approach is astonishing, where one witnesses the harmonious marriage between architecture and landscape. The ride continues through the medieval town of Lajatico, once a very important town during the middle ages, due to its strategic position between Pisa and Florence.

Peccioli trail

The cost is 125 euros for the 5 hour ride with picnic.

This ride is open only to riders with experience and with a minimum of 2 people.

The Peccioli Trail is a beautiful ride for more advanced riders which lasts 5 hours and brings you through the beautiful Tuscan hills toward Peccioli and includes a picnic lunch....

This trail is a fantastic way to explore the local flora and fauna on horseback! Try this adventure during your next trip to Diacceroni!

Lajatico trail

The cost is 75 euros for a 5 hour ride with picnic included.

This ride is open only to riders with experience and with a minimum of 2 people.

This is a trail ride for more experienced riders lasting 5 hours which takes you to the historic and beautiful town of Lajatico where the legendary musician Andrea Bocelli was born and still lives....

You will experience the beautiful Tuscan countryside riding among the rolling hills as well as the famous outdoor ‘Teatro del Silenzio’ where Bocelli holds yearly concerts. This ride is perfect for those who love art and adventure!

Horse Riding Lessons

85 € – Pack of 5 lessons (30 minutes each)
20 € – 30 min lesson
15 € – Pony ride

NB: Children under 14 years old cannot leave the arena on the horse.

Horseback riding lessons are a great way to get to know horses more, from saddling them up and brushing them to riding them no matter what level you are....

We have a 30×60 meter arena with space to do everything from walking to jumping. Thanks to our large professional lights, you can even ride at night after the sun goes down.

The minimum age to take lessons is 6 years old.

Our instructors give lessons in English, Dutch, German and Italian.

Come join us to experience Tuscany on horseback!

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