Tuscany Horse Riding

Tuscany Horse Riding
The​ ​best​ ​way​ ​to​ ​discover​ ​Tuscany​ while having ​fun!

Tuscany​ ​Horse​ ​Riding​: the best way to discover our awesome lands!

Discover Tuscany, in the green heart of Italy, in the most authentic way from the back of a horse. Join us for horse riding through the magnificent Tuscan countryside, passing through small Italian medieval villages, traversing the gentle hills surrounding Volterra and Lajatico, and the occasional swim with your horse in the river D’Era. Or develop your riding skills in our 30 x 60 riding arena with our international instructors, while also enjoying the beauty of the classical tuscan landscape that surrounds you.

Our riding instructors are international and have a wealth of experience in teaching all levels of riding. The instructors are experienced in teaching equitation to beginners and intermediate, as well as are qualified to teach dressage and jumping to advanced riders. All of our instructors are also proficient in leading trail rides in the surrounding Tuscan countryside.

The philosophy central to our riding stables is a great love and respect for our equine friends, and a dedication to teaching the techniques of equitation and to make the experience an unforgettable one!

We have a 30 x 60 metre arena, which has excellent footing that includes a watering and drainage system. In addition, the arena has stadium flood lighting, therefore it is possible to use the arena in late evenings for lessons to avoid the intense heat of the day.

For those riders who have some experience, we offer a variety of trail rides in the surrounding area of Volterra and Lajatico. All of our trail rides are safe and offer a magnificent perspective of the classical Tuscan landscape, giving the horse rider an incredible experience of the nature that surrounds our farm.

For young children, starting at four years old, we offer pony rides (a small excursion around our farm) and for older children we offer private riding lessons. The instructors teach the children how to handle and clean their pony or horse, as well as the basics of riding, with particular attention to discovering, first hand, the symbiotic relationship that exists between human and the majestic horse.

For those more experienced riders, we also offer the possibility to improve their riding skills in the arena with our international instructors experienced in teaching lower to mid level dressage and jumping.

Whether you are a family, a couple, or an individual, we promise that your riding experience with us will be unforgettable.

Below is a list of our prices and descriptions.

Horse Riding Lessons

We offer individual lessons for beginners through advanced. The lessons are directed towards each individual’s ability and goals.




Trail Rides






FIVE HOUR HACK: € 125 (pic-nic included)

Our special rides


Tuscan Sunrise Trail Ride:

From among the many special horse rides that we offer, one of our favourites is the hack at sunrise. Leaving at the magic hour of dawn, we experience the world coming to life. We leave when all is silent and still dark. We hear nothing but the quiet breaths of our horses and the clip-clopping of their feet on slightly wet ground. Slowly as the sun rises over the tops of the typical rolling hills of Tuscany, the nature begins to stir from nocturnal sleep. We conclude the ride back at the farm with a lovely hot coffee and a full breakfast in our restaurant, where we share our thoughts on this rich experience.

Please join us for this memorable experience on horseback!

The price is 55 euros, and it is about one and a half hours long, with full breakfast included.


Tuscan Sunset Trail Ride:

Another one of our favourite horse rides is the Sunset Ride. We leave as the sun is slowly starting its descent, transforming the sky into a blanket of pinks and purples. The surrounding Tuscan countryside is transformed into a splendid and magical vision. We return to the horse riding stables with the light of the moon. Those who have already taken both the Sunrise and the Sunset trail rides are hard pushed to say which one is their favourite. Each one has its own special magic. At the end of the ride, we share a glass of wine or drink and a light dinner prepared by our chef in the restaurant.

The cost of this ride is 55 euros, including drink and aperitif.

We wait for you to join us!


Tuscan River Trail Ride:

The river trail ride is around two hours through the river D’Era. This ride is delightful, refreshing and a truly unique experience. At some points of the river the horses begin to swim which is exhilarating and fun. There are also some great gallops on this ride. The perspective from horseback on this trail ride is magnificent.

The cost of the River Trail Ride is 55 euros.

We look forward to seeing the look of delight on your face as your horse begins to swim and is completely immersed in water!


Teatro del Silenzio Trail Ride:

This trail ride is around three hours long and takes us over the rolling hills of Tuscany surrounding Lajatico. We ride up to and inside the theatre built by the architect Andrea Bartalini rendered famous by Andrea Bocelli. Inspired by ancient Greek theatres, this theatre is built of monolithic marble stones on a high hill, surrounded by uninterrupted landscape. The position of the theatre is dramatic and the approach is astonishing, where one witnesses the harmonious marriage between architecture and landscape. The ride continues through the medieval town of Lajatico, once a very important town during the middle ages, due to its strategic position between Pisa and Florence.

The cost of the Teatro del Silenzio trail ride is 75 euros.


Montelopio Park Trail Ride:

This trail ride is around two hours and passes through the hills adjacent to our farm and through the characteristic borgo of Montelopio, founded in 1215 and home to the knights of the Templar. It is a circuitous route where we follow the trails of the park, experiencing both deeply wooded areas and open fields of grazing deer and wild boar. We pass back through Montelopio, where it is possible to stop for a light refreshment at the quaint little bar of this borgo.

The cost of the Montelopio Park Trail Ride is 55 euros.

Balze of Volterra Trail Ride:

This trail ride is about five hours long with a stop for a pic-nic. It is such a diverse ride, travelling through the river D’Era, passing through the valleys and the hills surrounding Volterra, and offering the most spectacular panoramic views of a picture postcard Tuscan landscape. Climbing up steadily from the river, this trail ride leads us close to the tufa rock cliffs upon which stands the magnificent medieval town of Volterra. We stop in a shady spot for a pic-nic and a well deserved break from the saddle. The trail ride has some great gallops too. However, this is not a ride for an inexperienced rider.

The cost of this ride is 135 euros.

Come join us to experience Tuscany on horseback!


Every Monday morning from 10 until 12 we have a free introductory course to introduce the horse and the pony to children and adults. This is an ideal opportunity for those who have never ridden before to come into contact with our equine friends. It is a hands-on introduction of the first approach to the horse, how to groom and handle him, and the basics of riding. It is also an opportunity to become familiar with our stables, the horses, and the instructors.

This course is followed by a light lunch at the bar.
Participation is FREE.


At Diacceroni Riding Stables we have a beautiful riding school, with 17 horses of various breeds and levels, adapted for either beginners or advanced riders.

Salvatore (Salli)

4 yr old pure arab.

Salli is demonstrating great promise as a small dressage horse. At present, due to his youth, he can be ridden only by our more advanced riders. Salli is also going out on trail rides with our more advanced riders.

Sir Arthur (Art)

19 yr old Selle Italiano gelding.

Prior to joining the team at Diacceroni Riding Stables, Art competed in show jumping both on the national and international show circuit. He is a master of jumping, and he is a kind and modest horse who has the patience to teach our young riders, but also adults, how to jump, and to jump well.

Zlatan (Zla)

10 yr old Polish Arab gelding.

Zlatan is a very well schooled and very comfortable horse. He is adapted to all levels of riding abilities due to his knowledge and generous heart.


17 yr old Westphalian mare.

Rosie is a dressage horse. She joined Diacceroni Riding Stables one year ago as a rescue horse. She has developed into a beautiful girl, strong, graceful and very generous of heart. Rosie is a very good horse for the advanced riders who wish to work on their dressage skills. She is also great for the less experienced riders on the trail rides.


23 yr old Hungarian gelding.

George, once a show jumper, may be an old boy but he still enjoys to jump. He is a steady, kind, and quiet horse best adapted to beginner riders, but can also show his talents off with more advanced riders.

Lady GaGa

7 yr old English Thoroughbred mare.

Lady GaGa is a very sweet, calm, but forward moving horse who works well both in the arena on the flat, and trail rides. She started her life off as a 2 yr old racehorse, but of her 11 starts she came last! Hence, she came to live at Diacceroni Riding Stables, and we are so glad to have her.


14 yr old Quarter Horse gelding.

Kaos is a loving, friendly horse, who is best suited to teaching abslolute beginners due to his patience and easy manner. He is also a very willing horse on trail rides.


20 yr old large pony.

Pluto was once a show jumper in the large pony category, jumping 1 metre 10”. He is a super jumper, and is ridden by intermediate and advanced riders. He is also a lot of fun out on the trail rides, always keeping a cool head.

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