Olive oil tasting

Olive oil tasting

A fundamental component of Tuscan culture is extra virgin olive oil.  Our farm grows a variety of olives. Typical of this region are: leccino and moraiolo.  Our trees are tended to throughout the year to guarantee an optimal harvest.  To ensure the best quality, our olives are picked during the months of late September until early December, when the olives are at the height of their maturity, and have a low level of acidity.  Our olive press is run by solar energy, thus allowing us to obtain superior organic olive oil.

We offer our guests the possibility to take a course to learn about our organic olive oil.  This course begins with a visit to our olive groves, where the olives are picked by two methods: by hand, using a ladder, or by using a type of olive shaker which vibrates and causes the olives to fall into a net.*

Once the olives have been gathered into crates, we proceed to the olive press, where the secrets to producing an excellent olive oil will be revealed. After a brief explanation, we will press the olives using our state of the art machine, which makes the process much easier. Our press uses a cold system, so no chemicals are added, and which produces an olive oil that complies with the laws of CEE.

Once we have pressed the olives,which results in a rich and delicious oil, we will learn how to bottle the olive oil correctly.  Each participant will bottle their own 250 ml olive oil to take home.

At the end of the course participants will meet for dinner in our restaurant, where dishes will be served using the olive oil produced that day.  The olive oil will be used on toasted bread (bruschette) with a little salt, to appreciate the delicate and aromatic flavours of a fresh olive oil.  Also the oil will be used in genuine and typical Tuscan dishes.

The olives are harvested late September to early December, therefore, it is only possible to take this course in the autumn.

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It is possible to purchase Diacceroni organic extra virgin olive oil from our Shop on line.

Price of course:  35 euros

Length: 3 hours

Babysitting service: 8 euros

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