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De omgeving rond Diacceroni verleent zich goed voor mooie fietsexcursies. Onlangs zijn professionele mountainbikes aangeschaft welke te huur zijn voor onze gasten voor een halve dag, een dag of een week. Het is mogelijk de routes zelf te ontdekken maar u kunt ook een uitdagende excursie boeken met een gespecialiseerde gids. Onze gids is een expert in de omgeving. Hij garandeert niet alleen een mooie uitdagende tocht maar ook één welke de natuur en cultuur van Toscane samenbrengt.

Onze professionele fietsgids is Franco Paternoster, een Master of MTB eerste niveau en gecertificeerd bij de FCI (FederazioneItaliana di Ciclisimo). Franco en zijn personeel kunnen u tevens de basisvaardigheden van het MTB rijden bijbrengen.

Voor onze gasten zijn drie type fietsen beschikbaar:

De klassieke MTB gemaakt van aluminium of carbon, de Roadbike in aluminium of carbon en als laatste een E-bike met 250W batteriij.


Cycling and cooking class

Tuscany bike tour “Cycling and cooking class”

During the Tuscany cycling tour by e-bike we will stop for an amazing cooking class on our best selected organic farm on Tuscany top hill. After a short presentation, put on your nice souvenir apron and follow a nice preparation of the excellence dish of the culinary Italian Tradition “la pasta”. You will prepare fresh pasta, ravioli / dumplings, lasagne, from the preparation of all ingredients to the final tasting of the prepared dish

Organic farm food and wine experience

Tuscany cycling tour “Organic farm food and wine experience”

The Tuscany bike tour will follow typical Tuscany villages for taking amazing pictures of vineyards, olive groves and stunning bike roads. During the tour we’ll stop for a nice lunch in an Organic Farmhouse in one of the most beautiful location in Tuscany. The Tuscany life-style lunch will be all based in organic and bio products of the typical Tuscany tradition (cold meat and cheese appetizers, home made pasta and tagliata or Florentine steak, vegetables, oil and wine)

Tour Pizz-E-Bike

Bike tour in Tuscany “Cycling and cooking in Tuscany”

Follow us by e-bike along amazing Tuscany landscapes and a gorgeous loop ride. Match your nice cycling tour in e-bike with an amazing pizza making course. We will reach by e-bike a real impressive organic farm where you will be able to enjoy your course for preparing your pizza using seasonal bio products and fresh ingredients directly from the estate. We will then all together have lunch with the realized pizzas.

We will have an amazing day, an unforgettable cycling in Tuscany, discovering how to be a pizza maker and how to choose the best products to add on your pizza directly from the vegetable garden. Enjoy with us the wonderful surrounding views on Tuscany hills with a family atmosphere.

Leonardo da Vinci’s places

Tuscany bike tour “Discover Leonardo da Vinci’s places”

Rent your ebike for an amazing riding tour in Tuscany, join us for a real Tuscany experience by bike in Vinci (home town Leonardo da Vinci). The itinerary will immerse you in the main Leonardo da Vinci’s inventions at a natural size. You will feel as if you were back to the Renaissance ages

San Gimignano: Discover the City of Towers

San Gimignano bike tour “Discover the City of Towers”

The trip will follow the typical tuscany bike routes to visit the ancient church of “Cellole” with an amazing view on San Gimignano and then to reach the city. Once arrived in San Gimignano it is possible to do a lunch in one of the typical tuscany restaurants to enjoy the Tuscan cooking and tuscany products. On request you can leave just for a short time your cycling with bike around tuscany, and reserve a guided tour of San Gimignano

San Vettore Monastery

Tuscany bike tour “San Vettore Monastery (1075 A.C.)”

The trip will follow the typical tuscany bike routes enjoying a little part inside the wood for arriving to the ancient San Vettore’s monastery. Once arrived in San Vettore it is possible to visit a nice little museum inside the ancient Monastery, enjoy the suggestive atmosphere of this marvelous place. It is possible to do a pretty light lunch inside the Monastery all handmade by the owners of the estate





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